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January 2021



COVID Safe & Well Update- Week of December 7-11 2020 Communication *Includes Important Information About Masks

Waypoint is working through recovery planning to ensure we are providing a treatment environment that is safe and offers high-quality care during an active pandemic.

This work requires changes to services, care delivery processes, and use of space to meet public health measures like physical distancing. We’re exploring how things can be done differently. This includes reviewing our facilities and space needs, as well as our services to ensure we have the best infrastructure to support our patient programs, both in hospital and in the community. Much work is underway to review our actions in response to COVID-19, what worked well, or needs to be improved as we prepare for a second wave.

We are actively reviewing and evaluating the safety and infection control measures we put in place since March, monitoring and managing our supply of personal protective equipment, and exploring how we will respond in the event a second wave of the virus occurs.

 Priorities include:

  • Visits to patients
    • Available by appointment only.
    • Visitors must adhere to all infection control practices and visits must be scheduled in advance.
    • We are closely monitoring COVID-19 activity in the community and may need to make changes to our practices if cases continue to rise, or at the recommendation of government directives.
    • Virtual visiting using the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) continues to be an option.
  • Face to Face Visits
    • Outpatient and community teams are returning to face-to-face visits for some clients using all the necessary infection prevention and control precautions
    • Continuing virtual care where it makes sense.
  • Return of essential services
    • Chiropody, dentistry, hair care, physiotherapy and the denturist have all returned.
    • Some concurrent disorders services are slated to return this winter.
    • Increasing the Bayview Dual Diagnosis Program by two beds and our provincial forensic assessment beds and acute assessment beds by four.
  • Conducting Research
    • Adding to existing psychological, health, safety, and wellness programming, we are undertaking two projects in partnership with Georgian College to benefit healthcare workers.
    • ECHOES or Effects of COVID-19 on Healthcare Providers: Opportunities for Education and Support is a two-part project that will first seek to understand how the pandemic is impacting the work of healthcare providers, and second, to use these results to develop education and supports to improve wellness and abilities.
    • The Mindfulness Study is researching how effective a condensed online four-week version of the curriculum compares to a 12-week face-to-face version previously offered at the hospital by Mindfulness Without Borders.
  • Pandemic Plan
    • The pandemic plan was updated to make sure we are prepared for ongoing surges of COVID-19 cases. The updated plan contains a more generic pandemic response and outlines the four phases of a pandemic and the different actions/activities that would occur during each phase.

Please continue to do your part by staying diligent with handwashing and physical distancing, and staying home if you are ill.

 Resources on COVID-19 :

Human Resources

Clinical, Quality & Research

  • CNO Membership Renewal 2021. The CNO launched its membership renewal notification on November 11, 2020. The deadline to pay this fee is Thursday December 31, 2020. A $100.00 late fee will be applied if you choose to renew after that date. Notice to suspend letters will be mailed by the CNO to members who have not renewed on Thursday January 14, 2021. Memberships will be suspended for those who have not completed renewal on Wednesday February 17, 2021. Memberships will expire for those members who have not completed their renewal on Friday March 19, 2021. For access to the CNO website please use this link.

Health, Safety & Security

  • Horizon Elevators- Staff are NOT to be using the Horizon elevator for entering and exiting the Bayfield building. Staff are to continue with utilizing the stairs as a access point to the Program. The elevator is to be utilized for dietary, housekeeping, transporting and emergency only. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jackie Watt Program Director or JoAnn Pelletier-Bressette Clinical Manager directly. I do appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

  • Seeking Updates on Active Code(s)?
  • January Safety Newsletter - Worker Rights & Duties

Psychological Health, Safety & Wellness



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