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November 2021



COVID Update and Outbreak Status

October 20 2021- Safe&Well COVID-19 Update: Visitor Vaccination Required Nov 15 2021 

October 5 2021 - Family & Community COVID-19 Update

October 4 2021 - Safe&Well COVID-19 Update: Deadline to Submit Vaccination Status

September 1, 2021 - Waypoint Vaccination Policy Communication

September 1, 2021 - Message from Central Region Hospital Chief Executive Officers and Chiefs of Staff 

June 9 2021 - Family & Community COVID-19 Update

April 16 2021 - Family & Community COVID-19 Update
April 8 2021 - Family & Community COVID19 Update
March 3 2021 - COVID-19 Outbreak Declared Over at Waypoint
Feb 11 2021 - Horizon Program Update
Feb 10 2021- Important 2nd Dosage Vaccine Info
Feb 8 2021
Feb 1 2021
Jan 30 2021
Jan 29 2021

Waypoint is working closely with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit on reporting, surveillance and infection control policies and procedures. We are continually monitoring and following Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) recommendations from Public Health, including screening and use of personal protective equipment. For updated information, please visit our website at www.waypointcentre.ca/news___events/around_waypoint/how_waypoint_is_responding_to_c_o_v_i_d-19


Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases regionally and provincially, and in line with our partner hospitals, in-person visits are not permitted at this time. Some exceptions apply for essential care partners and end of life or palliative circumstances.  

Our team has been working diligently to increase access to virtual visits. For more information, please see ‘Visiting a patient’ on our website or call the hospital at 705.549.3181 or 1.877.341.4729. 

Infection Control Measures

  • A well-established infection prevention and control team with experience in the successful management of outbreaks
  • Screening everyone for the symptoms of illness
  • Isolating and testing all new admissions
  • Use of virtual technology and telephone for outpatient and community visits
  • Adhering to public health guidelines and recommendations on the use of personal protective equipment, hand hygiene and physical distancing
  • Enhanced housekeeping in all our buildings
  • Enabling staff to work from home to reduce traffic in and out of the hospital
  • Regular communication with staff, patients, families, stakeholders, partners and donors

PPE Use at the Hospital

With an increase in cases, outbreaks and now the new variant present at our hospital, we must make every effort to protect each other and our patients by properly wearing appropriate PPE.

Putting on Full PPE How To
Removing Full PPE How To


Due to COVID-19 all-volunteer programs are temporarily suspended. We are not accepting and/or processing new volunteer applications until volunteer operations resume. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Staff Communication- Provision of Care Requirements

Resources on COVID-19

 Working from Home

Human Resources

Clinical, Quality & Research

Health, Safety & Security

  • Horizon Elevators- Staff are NOT to be using the Horizon elevator for entering and exiting the Bayfield building. Staff are to continue with utilizing the stairs as a access point to the Program. The elevator is to be utilized for dietary, housekeeping, transporting and emergency only. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jackie Watt Program Director or JoAnn Pelletier-Bressette Clinical Manager directly. I do appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

  • Seeking Updates on Active Code(s)?
  • August Safety Newsletter- Working Alone & PMI 

    Friendly Footwear Reminder Summer is finally here and as we shift to warm weather attire, please respect the footwear requirements outlined in the Dress Code Policy. At a minimum your choice of footwear needs to be supportive and safe

Psychological Health, Safety & Wellness


  • Get Your Mental Health in Motion May 3-9 2021 click here for the Virtual Event Calendar

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